Harness Money Beginning

The first issue of Harness Money

New Year, New Growth

Welcome to Harness Money!

Money is a side effect of value.

How much value are you creating?

Harness Money is my attempt to share with you the investments that I am making, the investments making news and investments will that will grow your wealth.

A little bit about me…

My journey started like most people. Not knowing how to create or grow wealth. I started at $0 and made mistakes along the way. But I studied and made better decisions. I put together a money system to consistently invest and grow my wealth.

Make smart decisions consistently.

It has never been easier to grow wealth.

The Robinhood App changed the stock investing game with $0 trades and the big banks soon followed their lead. Any individual can invest for free and for as little as $5 with fractional trading. You can create your own ETF. And now the Robinhood app is on the verge of going public in 2021 along with many other great businesses.

2020 was a devastating year for many people. People became sick and some lost their lives. Governments around the world passed unprecedented stimulus. Trump dominated the headlines. The market dropped and then recovered to new heights. The retail and travel sectors were devastated, while every tech business increased in value.

New investing trends emerged: Cryptocurrency, ARK ETFs, and SPACs.

There is nothing new under the Sun! That means that the fundamental of investing have not changed. If you believe in an investment buy and hold for the long haul.

Dollar Cost Average into your investments.

Create value and become an owner. You need money to purchase assets that then work for you. You earn money by creating value so invest in your ability to make money. This can done through education, self-promotion or a side-hustle.

Cryptocurrency here to stay

Bitcoin has increased $20,000 in the past year. Demand for Bitcoin is increasing while supplies are decreasing.

More and more mainstream businesses and organizations are buying into Bitcoin. JPMorgan, Square, Paypal, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss; these are just a few of the name that are going heavy on this investment.

The US government and other world government are introducing new regulations on the currency.

Current has always changed over time: bartering, coins, gold, dollars and now bitcoin.

The demand for Bitcoin is not going away. People want a currency that is not tied to a central bank and will increase in value.

Why do people still invest in Gold even though the US Dollar is not tied to it? Because it an asset that is demand. Because people can still barter for it. And it is a precious metal that has value.

Pros and Cons

  • Pro: Bitcoin will increase in value over time

  • Con: Extremely volatile in the short term

My Pitch

You should be invested into Bitcoin - BIT, Etherium - ETH and Litecoin - LTC. Spread out your risk. We are still at the beginning of the life of Digital currency. And as the price of Bitcoin increase so does the price of other cryptocurrency. But as technology proliferates digital currency will become more prolific. China is currency looking at creating a digital version of their currency.

As more coins are mined the value of current coins will increase.

If you do decide to invest in Bitcoin make sure you are ready to hold for years or decades, because that is where you will find the gains. It is going to be a bumpy ride in the short term.

This is all about having a diverse portfolio of assets: stocks, gold, ETFs, real estate, bitcoin. You are spreading out your risk. If you want to be more aggressive with your investments concentrate on one or a few classes.

ARK ETFs Funds and Cathie Wood

If you want to learn more about the economy and the stock market you should watch Cathie Wood’s YouTube videos. She breaks done the overall market conditions and her thoughts on the future. She is definitely a smart woman with a wealth of knowledge.

What is an ETF?

ETFs are a great way for an investor to get instant diversification. You invest in a basket of stocks. Ark ETFs have become popular in the past year with tons of investors plowing money into them, because they invest in disruptive technology that has potential for high profits.

Cathie Wood predicted the rise of Tesla - TSLA stocks to extreme highs.

There are several ETFs to choose from:

ARKK - Ark Innovation

ARKQ - Ark Automonous and Robotic Tech

ARKW - Ark Next Generation Internet

All things focused on the future. Where the world is heading. These funds are Actively managed rather than passive, meaning that the manager makes decisions about buying and selling. Many people believe that passive managed index funds outperform actively managed funds over the long run. There is also a management fee for the fund.

When you purchase individual stocks these days there is no trading fee.


  • Diversification

  • Higher growth businesses

  • Less investor decision making


  • Expense Ratio

  • Possibly lower returns

  • Higher risk businesses

Those are the pros and cons of investing ARK Funds. I believe these funds will continue to do well and continue to be popular among investors, because they are investing in cutting edge technology. The more people that invest in these funds the higher the stock prices of the businesses will rise due to the investment.

Why I have personally moved away from ETFs

If you have a portfolio less than $100,000 and are trying to scale that portfolio you want to only hold a few high quality stocks that you believe in. It is much easier for a single stock price to dramatically increase over an ETF. An ETF needs several businesses to increase in order for the fund to increase in value. ETFs are a great foundation for beginning investors, but if you are trying to scale you need to graduate to picking individual stocks that are going to do well.

I started with VTI - Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF and have now been working on picking great individual businesses to invest into.

Believe in yourself

With an ETF you are outsourcing your investment decisions.

As a new investor you need people smarter than you to guide you along the way. But as you get more informed you have the power to make smarter decisions that can lead to better returns.

The reason that I like ARK ETFs is because of the circle of competence. They have a team of people who are analyzing different areas of the market and becoming experts at topics like: robotics, autonomous vehicles, space.

My circle of competence is limited to technology. I only have so much bandwidth.

I trust that the people at ARK have a lot more knowledge and can make better decisions in those areas. So I would feel comfortable investing with these funds.


I also believe in myself. And in my ability to make choices that are going to be successful and profitable in the long run. This is why I am more focused on selecting individual company’s that I believe it.

Before you make any investment decision, make sure you have done your homework and are confident in the decision. And then go all in and do not look back.

The New IPO - SPACs

What is a SPAC - Special Purpose Acquisition Company

More and more businesses are choosing to list on the stock market via a SPAC rather than an IPO.

More SPAC were created last year than ever before.

Virgin Galactic listed their stock through a SPAC.

Why are SPAC becoming more popular? Because SPAC allow individual investors the chance to get in on the market debut of a business, where there is potential for immediate gains. With a traditional IPO only accredited investors like banks and funds were offered the chance to invest in a business before it goes public. The traditional stock market investor had to wait until the stock started trading on the market to buy into the business.

But with a SPAC you can invest in it first and then wait for the SPAC to merge with the new business.

I did this in the past year with Clover Health. I bought into the SPAC and the SPAC became Clover Health.

Businesses often enter the market at at discount price and then dramatically increase in value upon their debut. This happened this past year with Airbnb - ABNB and DoorDash - DASH

The downside of this is that when you buy into a SPAC you are really investing in the manager of the SPAC. You might not know what company they are going to buy or merge with.

SPACs offer the potential for high rewards, but they definitely not for everyone.

I recently read that Warren Buffett never invests in IPOs. He only invests in businesses with a long track record. And that makes sense. He wants to see that a business is going to be successful before he puts his money in it.

But Warren is playing on a very high level, with huge sums of cash. The average investor is generally trying to scale their portfolio.

Definitely do not invest your entire portfolio into one or two SPACs. But if you are willing to take a flyer on a few of these SPACs they could pay off handsomely down the line.

A few SPACs to look into:

  • GIX - GigCapital

  • CCIV - ChurchHill Capital

  • IPOD - Social Capital Hedosophia

  • PSTH - Pershing Capital

Harness Money Wrap Up

Each person has to learn how to create value. Be kind to yourself, it takes time. The same is true of your money. Your money should be working for you.

When you invest you are putting your money to work.

No one taught me about money or investing, starting a business, becoming an owner. I had to teach myself. And I am still teaching myself. Everyday I try to become better and learn a little bit more.

3 Books I read this past year that helped me improve my life and my money

  • Choose Yourself By James Altucher

  • You Are A BadAss By Jen Sincero

  • I Will Teach You To Be Rich By Ramit Sethi

You have so much value. When everything goes wrong in our lives, we feel worthless. Like we do not have anything to offer. But that is not true. Even if you do not have a job or work for minimum way or are too young or too old you still have value. You have to tell yourself that. My inner voice is often my worst critic. You have to work on yourself.

The vast majority of millionaires are created over decades of work and then you would never know that those people are millionaires. They live quiet lives of frugality. But there are tips and tricks you can use reach financial independence faster.

This is why I started Harness Money. I want to improve my future and your future.

I want to give you all of the tools that I have used to earn a fortune. This is going to be an ongoing process. Money is like a river that does not stop running. It is constantly changing and evolving and so should we.

Keep learning and keep providing value.

Action steps to take

  • Start your portfolio with a low cost ETF

  • Invest into Bitcoin

  • Choose a book to read this year that will improve your life

  • Just be aware of SPACs and watch how they evolve over the next year

Till next time, make smart choices consistently.

Collin Harness