Who am I?…Who are you?

Howdy, Collin here!

Twice in my life I went broke and had to put the piece of my life back together.

How did I put my life back together? I went back to school and received my finance degree. I started reading books about money. And then I took action and made smart decisions consistently to build my wealth.

Today, I am a successful investor with lots of gratitude and more than enough wealth.

I started this newsletter because money is a lifetime practice that evolves and changes.

What do you get when you follow me?

You will receive the latest money topics that I am focused on and that are in the news. Build wealth requires action. I will give you the tips and actions that I use to build my own wealth.

And I will give you my stock picks. The equities that I am buying in the moment. I purchase into the market every single month up or down.

How much?

I publish a new newsletter every single month at the beginning of the month.

You can subscribe for $5.99 per month or $49.99 per year.

Sometimes things happen in the moment. I work hard to create a quality monthly newsletter, but sometimes there are pressing items I just have to get out there. If you sign up for the year you will get a guaranteed 12 issues plus any one off posts that are urgent.

You must take action to grow your wealth. You must consistently learn.

Make smart decisions consistently.